El Toro

Well hello there! Writing this feels so alien – it has been way too long! Just a quick update, I am now 15 (woot!) and enjoying a relaxing break from school, which, unfortunately for me, goes back soon (eek!). I went on an amazing trip to Bali and Lombok over the Christmas holidays and am … More El Toro

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

Another day, another collab. This one is with the amazing Nikola from Sunset Sand Snowdrops blog and we are doing Christmas DIYs! This peppermint sugar scrub is the perfect gift for a friend or just to have around the house. It smells delicious (just like candy canes) and makes your skin feel oh-so-soft. Here is what you … More DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

My Christmas Wishlist

Hey lovelies! I’m back – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? School is officially over for the year and I could not be more excited to get the summer holidays underway. I’m going to Bali/Lombok after Christmas and I can’t wait! But before I leave, I must get through the mad rush of buying gifts … More My Christmas Wishlist


Hey lovelies, Hope you’re all well. Here are some more pictures from my epic adventure in the paddocks with Clara. After wandering around the abandoned buildings in my last shoot, we came across this patch of bamboo. It was quite spectacular, the branches towering above us. I love the way these photos look in black … More Bamboo


Hey lovelies, Oh my it has been some time since I last did a shoot for my blog and I’d forgotten how amazingly fun it is. My good friend Clara and I went out exploring the paddocks and abandonned sheds near her house and found this mysterious and overgrown corner to take some shots. It … More Lost

Shadow Puppets

Hey lovelies, I’m back! (finally) It’s been so long since my last post as I let school overtake my time and I lost motivation for a while. However, now I have a bunch of new exciting blog posts lined up for you and I will definitely be shooting more during the holidays. I’m very excited. … More Shadow Puppets


Ahhh it was so good to do a proper shoot the other day! I absolutely love how these photos turned out and am super happy. I love the way that the pictures captured the beautiful afternoon light and the shadows as well, even though half of this shoot is just me looking sort of confused … More Rusted

Chasing Summer

Hey lovelies! As the days and nights start to get colder and the wind freezes us every time it blows even slightly, you can definitely tell it is the start of Winter. So, in memory of the warmer times we won’t see for another 3 or so months, I have put together some of my … More Chasing Summer