My Christmas Wishlist

Hey lovelies!

I’m back – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? School is officially over for the year and I could not be more excited to get the summer holidays underway. I’m going to Bali/Lombok after Christmas and I can’t wait! But before I leave, I must get through the mad rush of buying gifts and running around shops that are the lead up to Christmas.

Today the lovely Journey from Journey Speaks Blog are doing a collab on our Christmas Wishlists, which hopefully can give you guys some gift ideas or help you with your own wishlists.


Lush ‘Shoot for the Stars’ Bath Bomb

As soon as I saw this in the shops I knew I needed to try it out. It is one of their limited edition Christmas products and it smells sooo good. It is honey scented, like the ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ soap, with orange and bergamot oils. The glittery golden stars are made of cocoa butter, to moisturise your skin as well. So this year, instead of going for my favourite ‘Golden Wonder’ Bath bomb, I thought I’d try something different and this seems lovely.


BYS Highlighting Trio

This highlighter is a-maz-ing. Every shade is gorgeous and adds a lovely shimmery glow, which I absolutely love. I have tried this out at my friends house and I’ve fallen in love ith it and would very much like my own one. It is very affordable and perfect for the festive season.


Stila Eyeliner Pen

I received this eyeliner for my birthday a year or two ago and I loved it. It is so easy to use and lets you get that perfect cat eye. Since then, my eyeliner collection has grown – even extending to some green ones. I love wearing eyeliner, it just adds something to whatever look you’re wearing. My last black eyeliner dried out really quickly, but this one doesn’t tend to do that, so a new one is definitely on my wishlist this Christmas.


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This lotion is a form of skin treatment that helps reduce the redness of spots and patches. I find that during the summer months, my skin becomes worse due to the humidity, and my freckles make a bold appearance as I spend more time in the sun. I have heard lots about this product and sounds like it works wonders, so I can’t wait to try it out.


Daniel Wellington Watch 

Watches are definitely my favourite accessories and ever since I lost my last one (which was a very sad day) I have been on the look out for a new one. I am extremely picky with my watch styles and the details and because I have rather small wrists, it makes it even harder to shop for one as all of the watches these days are massive. I discovered this brand of watch earlier this year and I fell in love. Unfortunately, they are on the pricier side, so I’ve been holding back from splurging on one. The bands are interchangeable, which I find a very good feature, but I personally like the black leather band with the silver face, which is a truly ‘timeless’ look. (excuse the pun.)


Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

These makeup brushes have received so many positive reviews that I really want to add them to my collection and give them a try. The ‘Expert Face Brush’ seems the most practical for different makeup products such as foundation, concealer, and powder. I’ve been really into watching hours of makeup videos on YouTube, so I really want to test out some new looks and styles.


Risk – Game of Thrones Edition

Ok, so this is a bit more on my nerdier side, but my family is super into board games and card games, and we have been waiting a while to buy this particular one as it is quite difficult. This year is the year and we were looking up where you could get it from and we discovered something very exciting. The Game of Thrones edition. Again, my family are all huge fans of Game of Thrones, so we instantly bought it and I cannot wait to play it on Christmas day.


JBL Bluetooth Speaker

My sister has this speaker and it is honestly so handy. It is portable and easy to throw in your bag if you’re going to a friends house or to the beach or anywhere, really. It is a lot more affordable than some other speakers on the market, but I haven’t noticed a significant drop in sound quality at all. After comparing this speaker to other available speakers, this one is the winner and an exciting addition to my wishlist.

That’s my Christmas Wishlist! I hope this gave you some ideas for your wishlist or maybe a present for someone else. Check out Journey’s wishlist here. Lots more Christmas themed posts coming soon and if you have any suggestions please comment them down below! I’d love to hear what you would like to see.

Merry Christmas !

Lily xx


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