Shadow Puppets

Hey lovelies, I’m back! (finally) It’s been so long since my last post as I let school overtake my time and I lost motivation for a while. However, now I have a bunch of new exciting blog posts lined up for you and I will definitely be shooting more during the holidays. I’m very excited. … More Shadow Puppets

Chasing Summer

Hey lovelies! As the days and nights start to get colder and the wind freezes us every time it blows even slightly, you can definitely tell it is the start of Winter. So, in memory of the warmer times we won’t see for another 3 or so months, I have put together some of my … More Chasing Summer

Sunday Blues

Hi lovelies, A rainy Sunday in the quiet country town of Killarney with nothing else to do but sit in our small room and gaze out the window. That was exactly how my sister and I spent yesterday afternoon. It was very peaceful and I think these photos capture the moment perfectly. It is always … More Sunday Blues